La Principessa del Lago

La Principessa del Lago

La Principessa del Lago - LEO Eventi

Tra le più belle location Bettina and Philip hanno scelto la villa per matrimoni sul lago di Como più incantevole per un evento da favola.


La cornice romantica del lago di Como ancora una volta ha fatto da sfondo per un evento indimenticabile, questa coppia di sposi infatti ha scelto una delle ville più spettacolari sul Lago di Como sia per il ricevimento che per la cerimonia all’aperto. La bellezza di Bettina ci ha fatto ricordare l’indimenticabile Principessa Cenerentola.

“I would like to take the time and thank you one more time for your efforts, your expertise, your warmth and your love that you put into our wedding. We are so happy that we chose you as our wedding planners!  You guys helped us in the preparations by choosing the best vendors, for which I was really suspicious as you might have realized, in the beginning, since I thought I would prefer to get 2 quotes for the different services, but in the end, why asking for two if you have already the best in hand….and prizes were acceptable. Also please let the catering know that we were extremely happy with the quality of the food and the waiters (during dinner and during the open bar). They did a great job!!!!

Philip and I are totally happy and there is nothing that we would have done differently now! Also the Friday evening was excellent. They did a great job and made it look so pretty already on Friday!

Thank you sooooo much, big big hug, take care and if you need something else from me in terms of recommendation don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to help.

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