A romantic wedding in Positano


Positano is undoubtedly one of the most popular sea villages on the Amalfi Coast and it is indeed one of the most romantic locations for a destination wedding in Italy.


One of the most picturesque towns on the Amalfi Coast, Positano, Italy often is billed as the “Jewel of the Amalfi Coast.” Thanks to its setting on the Italian seaside, ts precariously-perched pastel houses, and its church’s gleaming dome, Positano has charmed visitors for decades.


Positano is a fishing village stacked into cliffs rising high above the Mediterranean, and is known for its colorful buildings that are jig-sawed tightly as they rise up from the sea. The beaches have black sand, and the water is shockingly clear. 



What is important to underline is that Positano is the town of stairs: it is not a place for those who don’t like to walk.  Couples can have their civil ceremony on the terrace of the town hall overlooking the sea or in the beautiful Church of Santa Maria Assunta, just a few steps from the beach.


As for the reception there are a few restaurants or hotels with spectacular terraces overlooking the enchanting blue water.


The town hall of Positano is indeed one of the few town halls in Italy where you can celebrate official legally-binding outdoor ceremonies. The ceremony is performed in Italian and according to the Italian law an interpreter has to be present to translate everything.


We can assist you with this service and with all the paperwork needed.  If you wish to have a catholic wedding in the main church of Maria Assunta, please note that celebrations cannot be performed on Sundays or during the two central weeks of August.





The winding roads all lead down to the beach, which you can also access by seeking out one of the narrow staircases that make your journey a lot quicker. The alleys and walkways are draped with vines and flowers.

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