The magical world of weddings!

The magical world of weddings!

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Welcome to our Blog!

Our website is an ideal starting point to understand who we are and what we do; therefore the idea of the blog (about time too!)  comes from our wish to take you behind the scenes of wedding planning and to also convey in a more personal and direct way the experience we have gained in almost ten years in this industry.

We have many stories to tell thanks to the series of adventures, experience and funny anecdotes we have collected while working on and setting up unforgettable events and weddings. We will not hide the hard work and efforts that are behind our results: hard work, passion and dedication are the key elements to excel in this job and we will never stress this enough!

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Each couple and each wedding is a unique affair and this means that each time we gain so much experience, we learn new things and no matter how many times we see this, we always love seeing the sparkle of happiness in our couples’ eyes on their wedding day, something we could NEVER grow tired of!

We have met so many different couples throughout the years, with different backgrounds, different nationalities and religions and this has deeply enriched our cultural and professional background.

Me and Paola (my business partner and long time close friend) will offer you a fascinating “backstage pass” into the world of wedding planning with ideas, tips and inspiration for your wedding day, and we hope to also make the most of the precious and welcomed feedback of our readers.

We really hope you enjoy the ride, we know we will! 🙂