A Lavish Wedding by Lake Como at Villa D’Este

A Lavish Wedding by Lake Como at Villa D’Este

Lavish Wedding Lake Como - Villa D’Este - Leoeventi

One of the most popular five star hotel in Italy, Villa D’Este on Lake Como, was the perfect background for this gorgeous wedding with amazing flower arrangements.


It is always an exciting challenge to arrange a wedding for very demanding client such as Kristina and Alex.

From the very beginning they were determined and passionate about their big day and they knew exactly what they wanted. Guests who came from Russia and the US really enjoyed the three-day celebrations that we organized for them.

It all took place on Lake Como and the wedding was held in one of the most famous luxury hotels in the world: Villa D’Este.

The spectacular flower arrangements full of romantic hydrangeas and orchids, the excellent musicians, the food, the venue, everything contributed to make the fairy-tale setting of Lake Como even more unforgettable.

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