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Anticipate the unexpected during the event
Our ability to work as a great team, anticipating the wishes of our clients and of their guests, our creative skills and excellent taste combined with savoir faire and thoroughness are the qualities that distinguish Leoeventi and that are the trademark of our events: a unique and tailor made experience that guests will remember for a long time.

Meet Our Team


Monica Roma

Company Founder and General Manager

“..I have to thank my mother if I am now a wedding planner and designer, she is indeed the person who, with passion and talent, founded Leoeventi in 2004. Then the pupil overtook the master 🙂 and throughout the years with an incredible passion I developed all the skills needed to plan dream weddings. I have attended and supervised several events, and yet each time I witness the thrill in the eyes of the bride and the groom, I feel moved and enriched.


After taking a Degree in Political Science with specialization in Economics at Turin’s University, I followed a marketing course at the London School of Economics which gave me a wider knowledge of the field. I acquired a remarkable experience in the fashion industry as franchise owner and manager of an important show room for five years and then together with my mother , I started Leoeventi. Specializing in wedding planning, the company boasts a high end clientele, from Italy and from abroad, who dreams of an unforgettable wedding day set in an exclusive and carefully selected venue.


Olga Gazzola


Fluent in English, French & Spanish and Dutch, Olga brings to LeoEventi a wealth of experience in the Luxury Hotel Business (from Warwick International Hotels in Paris to the LHW Hotel Helvetia & Bristol in Florence and JDB Fine Hotels & Resorts) where she built a new approach to the International Markets while helping luxury hotels set their strategic S&M goals.


Olga will be in charge of developing the US and UK Weddings markets while taking care of the marketing activities of the company.


Positive, straightforward and communicative , Olga is a real team player and she loves to create win-win situations both for the company and the clients. Light-hearted and with a good sense of humour, Olga lives now with her family in Lake Como.



Event Coordinator

“…I was born in Italy but I’ve always loved traveling to draw inspiration from different places and cultures. Over the years my passion for beautiful things led me to range over my studies in the fashion and design world with a winking look at the Made in Italy, then I landed into the bespoke events world becoming a wedding designer.


Monica was my guide and teacher in the world of events and allowed me to give life to wonderful projects with great skill and concreteness.


Helping lovely couples to give shape at their dreams and make real their love project, seeing the joy shining in their eyes and satisfaction in their guests: this makes my job so amazing!”



Flower Designer

Throughout my life, I’ve been a creative person and have enjoyed the beauty that flowers brought to my life. At a young age, I knew I wanted to be a floral designer, following my mother’s steps. I’ve been working with Monica since 2007 and together we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of couples. Flowers move me and intrigue me. I seek out unique materials, research farms and various blooms tirelessly, to bring only the most exceptional blossoms and most unique vision to the table. Weddings are my main focus so I keep up with trends as well as traditions, but the fun part is finding ways to help you meld the two to create your perfect wedding look. My vision is that the true art of floral design is found through high quality flowers and superior design technique.Using natural and local materials in creative ways I incorporate flowers that represent the best of the season.



Event Coordinator

I met Monica in 2007 and we wished immediately to work together one day as both of us like to be practical, professional for a work with joy. The occasion well matured then arrived!l live on Lake Como, or more precisely in the ‘heart’ of Lario, in the territory between the two branches of the lake. Here I was born, grew up and came back after a long work experience in Switzerland, Germany, USA. After university, I cultivated my passion for hotel business, making experience in various roles and learning event management first at an exclusive hotel in Aspen – Colorado and then practicing it in deluxe properties on Lake Como. Always with a practical and academic attention as well as of research into new solutions, I took specific courses at the Cornell University in Ithaca achieving the Certification in Strategic Management.

Leoeventi is a highly qualified wedding planning company based in Italy and specialized in coordinating exclusive bespoke Italian destination weddings in the beautiful Italian regions: Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Italian Riviera, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Puglia, Rome and Sicily.

We are Italian and are based in Italy with a good connection network with London and New York. Our English-speaking team, dedicated and with a rich history of professional experience within the wedding industry, will organize an incredible wedding experience and will arrange the entire event down to the smallest detail; we will assist and guide you to make your dream wedding day come true.

The Leoeventi team is committed to provide to their clients the passion, dedication and professional experience that are key to plan and bring to life such a special day full of unique emotions and magical memories.

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