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Civil and Religious Ceremony

From romantic castles to breathtaking sea views, from stunning private villas on the lake shore to charming Tuscan vineyards, we can offer the ideal setting for your wedding ceremony, whether religious or civil, that will make your special day truly unique and unforgettable.
Civil Ceremony in Italy
Civil Ceremony in Italy

Civil Ceremonies are legally binding and will normally be performed at local town halls or licensed private villas, castles and public gardens. They are generally performed in Italian by the city mayor or a civil officer. The ceremony will be conducted in Italian and you are legally obliged to have an interpreter present throughout the ceremony. The interpreter service is part of our wedding panning service so you don’t have to worried about this.

Thanks to our several years experience in the wedding planning industry, we can offer a high qualified support to organize your wedding ceremony in Italy and assist you for the paperwork. We have arranged ceremonies for couples coming from United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand etc..

Catholic Ceremony

A Roman Catholic wedding is legally binding and recognized by the Italian authorities, because they contain a civil element within the service, therefore it will not be necessary to perform a separate civil ceremony. Please consider that not all the the local churches in Italy are able to perform catholic weddings for foreigner couples. So please contact us to check the best options in the Italian location you are interested in.

Most of the documents have to be prepared in your own country together with your local parish priest. We know all the list of documents that have to be prepared so we are going to make the planning as smooth as possible. Our wedding coordinator will guide you through the legal process and will ensure that you are aware of all documentation required.

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Civil Ceremony in Italy

If you wish to have any other type of religious ceremony you will be required to have a civil ceremony first, otherwise the marriage will not be legally binding under Italian law. In such cases couples may wish to have a civil ceremony in their own country and have a blessing in Italy.

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