Same Sex elopements in Italy

Catering same sex elopements and intimate ceremonies is part of our mission! When we set out to launch our business, we knew that catering to same sex weddings was going to be part of our mission here at Leoeventi. We have watched our society become more accepting of same sex marriage, but we are proud that our team has been on board to arrange amazing weddings already for quite some time. We are pleased to offer wedding planning services for same-sex wedding all across Italy.

Same Sex Marriage in Italy
Italy Legalises Same-Sex Civil Unions

Same-sex marriage was legalized in Italy in May 2016. Couples looking to marry in Italy can have what it is called a civil union. Pressured by the European Court of Human Rights, Italian authorities have adopted a law that allows same-sex couples to register civil unions.

Now same-sex couples are protected and recognized as a proper legal entity when it comes to inheritance or visiting rights in hospitals if one of the partners is seriously ill.In a civil union, same-sex couples are entitled to joint possession of property, succession rights, shared financial obligations, access to each other’s private information, and resolution of issues related to the end of life.

Civil unions and registered partnerships are considered equivalent or comparable tomarriage in most countries.

All countries that allow same-sex marriages generally recognize same-sex registered partnerships concluded in other countries. In countries which do not allow same-sex marriages but which have introduced some form of registered partnership, a same-sex marriage abroad generally gives you the same rights as a registered partnership.

Thanks to our experience we can guide you in preparing all the paperwork needed.

Creativity is the Keyword

We love creativity. With same sex marriages there is much more flexibility. You can have the grooms entering the room together.

You can have so many different options, which is what we like. And the magic is there is space to create and to be original.

We plan remarkable weddings with every part of the special occasion reflecting your vision and personality to create a most memorable celebration that will stay with you and your guests forever.

Gay Wedding in Italy
Same Sex Marriage in Italy
All across Italy

From the elegance of Lake Como to the shabby chic atmosphere of Tuscany we can arrange for you amazing elopements or intimate wedding experiences.

We are here to help you whenever you are just two of yours or you are coming to celebrate your wedding with some friends and families.

It can be one day or a long wedding weekend. It’s up to you, for the rest you can rely on us.

Elope to Italy with our build-your-own package! All of our services are tailored to couples of all sexual orientations and there is no better place than Italy to have a romantic and intimate same sex wedding. Leoeventi celebrates marriage equality and loves that so many different couples from around the world are starting to choose Italy to elope

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