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An Elegant Elopement in Capri at Villa Lysis

Elegant Elopement in Capri

An Elegant Elopement in Capri at Villa Lysis

Highly regarded for its extravagant villas and breathtaking coastline, you can’t go wrong with an elopement in Capri. Frequently visited by world-famous celebrities, Capri is one of the most luxurious vacation destinations. Not only does this posh Mediterranean island attract A-listers, but it’s also become a beloved spot for couples looking to elope.

Ocean Views and Intimate Villa Ceremony

When Becky and Oliver decided to elope in Italy, they knew they wanted ocean views and an intimate villa ceremony. Both serving as police officers in England, this lovely couple’s main focus was to have a stress-free, family-focused wedding. To them, the Amalfi Coast seemed like an obvious choice. However, after being introduced to Villa Lysis by Leoventi’s founder, Monica, the couple was immediately sold on a micro wedding in Capri.

Villa Lysis: a romantic venue

Due to its rich, romantic history, Villa Lysis has become one of Leoeventi’s favorite venue recommendations for elopements in Capri. The villa was built in 1904 by a French poet who fled to the island of Capri to escape some scandals back home. Due to the villa’s secluded location and intimate feel, it was the perfect spot for the poet to enjoy a life of peace and privacy with his Roman lover. Surrounded by beauty, the grounds also became a gathering place for artists and intellectuals visiting Capri.

In June, it was finally time for Becky and Oliver to experience the magic of Villa Lysis. The couple began their special day at a nearby hotel. With the help of a local hair and makeup artist, the bride got ready, slipped into her whimsical white dress, and headed to the villa. Since the property can’t be reached by car, Monica arranged old-fashioned carts to transport the bride, groom, and their 10 guests to the cliffside villa.

The Charming Sound of the Violin

Upon arrival, the couple was greeted by the charming sound of a violin. With their adorable son by their side, the ceremony began. After exchanging their heartfelt personal vows, completing the legally binding ceremony with Monica serving as the official interpreter, and signing the paperwork with their witnesses, Oliver’s father and Becky’s mother, Becky and Oliver were officially married!

To celebrate, Monica arranged a surprise champagne toast courtesy of a local bar. Everyone enjoyed the refreshments and the villa’s stunning views while the newlyweds enjoyed a private moment taking some photos in the picturesque garden.

Shortly after, alongside their closest friends and family, Becky and Oliver made their way to a seaside restaurant on foot, and the beautiful pair received lots of compliments along the way.

With a perfect sunset view, the couple and their guests enjoyed a delicious Italian meal to commemorate their elopement.

With the help of Monica and the Leoventi team, Becky and Oliver’s elopement in Capri went even better than they ever could have dreamed!

If you’re planning a micro wedding in Capri or anywhere else in Italy, Leoeventi would love to assist you as well. Get in touch today!

“Hi Monica, just wanted to send the biggest thanks to you for planning our wedding. We had the best day and have only just recovered 🥴

Will be forever grateful 💕” (Becky)

Pictures were taken by CHIARA NATALE 

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