Outdoor civil ceremony in Italy

If you wish to have an outdoor civil ceremony in Italy, we have selected for you the best options throughout the country to elope.

In Italy there aren’t so many venues where it is possible to arrange a legally binding outdoor civil ceremony, but the few that are available are indeed gorgeous and full of charm for your wedding. From romantic Lake Como to the picturesque cliffs of the Amalfi Coast we can assist you and help you select the most beautiful venue for a breath-taking outdoor wedding with civil validity.

Tremezzo on Lake Como, the Italian Riviera, Positano, Ravello are just a few of the Italian areas that offer the possibility to tie the knot outdoors.

Further to the selection of the venue we can also be of great help for the whole paperwork and legalities part whatever your country of origin is.

Thanks to our experience we can give you a valid support with the local authorities and also offer a professional interpreter service for the ceremony.