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Church Ceremony in Ravello

Catholic Church Ceremony in Ravello

Church Ceremony in Ravello

Ravello is undoubtedly a piece of paradise, set at the top of a winding mountain road. This charming medieval town offers a peaceful and beautiful alternative to the bustling activities of the main coastline.  Needless to say, from Ravello the view of the sea and the Amalfi Coast below is breath-taking! 

Ravello is also an important historic and cultural area that has attracted and inspired many important writers, poets, musicians and composers, such as Richard Wagner, D.H. Lawrence, Toscanini, just to name a few.  Every year,  Italy’s oldest music festival is held in Ravello and is dedicated to Wagner.
With some of the most beautiful and impressive views of the Amalfi Coast, especially from the flower gardens of Villa Rufolo which is not to be missed, Ravello dominates the Amalfi Coast and is one of the most enchanting and magical places for a romantic ceremony.

Ravello offers many charming and romantic churches with diverse decorative styles, perfect for a Catholic wedding ceremony. Here is a selection of the three most beautiful churches for your wedding in Ravello:

Duomo di Ravello 

The cathedral, or ‘Duomo’, is located in the town’s main square and is Ravello’s most impressive Catholic Church. The Duomo was built in 1086 and then again rebuilt in the 12th and 17th centuries and is dedicated to San Pantaleone, the patron saint of Ravello. Inside, the Cathedral is very elegantly decorated with stunning pieces of art: the medieval atmosphere, the beautiful interiors and the white and gold mosaics of the two pulpits are truly unique and mesmerizing. The beautiful marble pulpit which dominates the interior of the church was created by the great sculptor Bartolomeo.
The Duomo can be booked for Catholic ceremonies from Monday to Sunday and can accommodate up to 200 people. On request, Catholic wedding ceremonies can be celebrated by an English-speaking priest.

Church of San Francesco d’Assisi

The Church of St. Francesco D’Assisi was built in 1222 by Saint Francis of Assisi and was later rebuilt in the 18th Century. This Church has a distinct Baroque style and can only be reached on foot by means of a picturesque pathway on the highest point of Ravello. Here you can have a Catholic ceremony for up to 100 people.

Church of Santa Maria a Gradillo

The Church of Gradillo is one of the oldest churches in Ravello and can be reached via the picturesque Via Roma, from Ravello’s main square; it is also located very close to one of the most popular 5 star hotels of Ravello. This Church was built in the 12th Century and with its exquisite white marble, beautiful columns and arches, is undoubtedly an ideal setting for a romantic and intimate ceremony for up to 70 people.


Church ceremony in Ravello Amalfi Coast
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