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Adventure Elopement in Italy

Adventure elopement in Italy

Adventure Elopement in Italy

If you are dreaming on eloping in Italy and having an elopement adventure, Italy offers many options. The breathtaking slopes of Dolomites, the Mont Blanc glacier, the highest military fortress in Europe, the helicopter tour to discover Lake Como, the enchantment and magic of underground caves: these are just some examples of the adventures that you can have the day of your intimate ceremony.

What is an adventure elopement?

Usually they label it as anything that takes the couple outside of the traditional wedding setting, Part of the adventure is the journey to whichever breathtaking destination you choose but above all is that you’ll say your vows outside surrounded by nature. It is always something without rule, the most important thing that it has to be something epic and unforgettable for the couple.

Brides magazine definition is: “an adventure elopement takes a traditional elopement to the next level, as couples travel to say “I do” in far-flung destinations that are, you guessed it, an adventure to get to.”

A Planner for your Adventure Elopement in Italy

Monica Roma together with her team is focusing on adventure elopements, driven by her sporting nature and passion for nature and travel. “Combining the desire to do something out of the ordinary with the desire to celebrate love with the person you love is one of the most exciting things in life”, says Monica Roma.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the Italian country and the continuous process of discovering new opportunities, we are able to offer the most exciting options even to the most demanding couples.

Adventure Elopement Italy

Italy: the ideal place for your adventure elopement

Italy may surprise you not only for its good food and good wine but above all for its beautiful landscape.

If you picture mountains, you can consider the Alps as Dolomites or the incredible height of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. If you like history you can have your Italian elopement in an ancient medieval castle dating back to the year 1000 or the highest military historical fortress in Europe. If you love the sea and the coast, the Amalfi coast offers breathtaking views with cliffs on the sea.

On the day of your elopement, we suggest adding activities that you like such as helicopter rides, scenic motorcycle drives, boating, hiking, sunset watching, wine tasting, or even scuba diving. Whatever is your desire, we can help you in arranging everything with an experienced assistance on site.

adventure elopement in Italy

What are you waiting for to start planning your adventure elopement in Italy?

After your first contact by email, we invite you to organize a video call with us so that we can best have all the elements to offer you a customized package.

If an Italian adventure elopement sounds right for you, we would like to chat with you more. We are happy to hear about what your dreams and visions are for your wedding day.


Adventure Elopement Italy