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The 5 Best Places to Elope in Italy

Elope to Italian Riviera

The 5 Best Places to Elope in Italy

If you’re thinking of having your elopement wedding in Italy together with a legally binding ceremony, you can’t go wrong with any of the most popular Italian destinations: Tuscany, Lake Como, Venice, Italian Riviera and Amalfi Coast.

The best places to elope in Italy depends on the couple and their personal style: from Tuscany vineyards to cliffs by the sea, and painterly lake views, there is no shortage of awe-inspiring elopement spots and locations.

Here you can find the best places to have your micro wedding in Italy:

VENICE – Palazzo Cavalli

With its 150 canals, 400 bridges and magnificent 16th- and 17th-century palaces and piazzas, it is no surprise that Venice is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Gloriously romantic in spring, triumphant in summer, noble in autumn and seductive in winter, it is a popular elopement destination year round. Eloping in Venice is perhaps the most romantic and unique experience in the world. Just imagine arriving at the ceremony in a decorated Venetian gondola!

Civil weddings in Venice are celebrated in the elegant Palazzo Cavalli along the Grand Canal, near Rialto Bridge. The atmosphere and the views are stunning. This is the perfect location for a small, intimate wedding ceremony. 

LAKE COMO – Villa del Balbianello

Have your elopement ceremony with breathtaking views of Lake Como at the one the most stunning venues in Italy: Villa del Balbianello. The grounds of this spectacular Villa are the most romantic setting for a dream elopement in Italy. Built in 1700 by Cardinal Durini, this picture-postcard perfect villa is so beautiful it looks like a painting. It is perched on the tip of a tiny peninsula with terraced gardens down to the lake. The impressive Villa del Balbianello has been used in a number of big Hollywood movies such as Star Wars Episode 2 and James Bond movie Casino Royale. The number of civil ceremony per year is limited so it is advisable to book in advance.

elope at Villa del Balbianello


Overlooking the sea and set in the midst of a park of palm trees and cluster-pines, Villa Durazzo is a magnificent 17th-century mansion. It is the perfect venue for exclusive seaside elegant elopement ceremonies, ensuring couples of the utmost privacy by virtue of the large park that surrounds it and its hilltop position overlooking the sea. The Villa combines the chic of the Renaissance with the frescoed Genoese Grit floors and Murano chandeliers making it a museum piece for the Santa Margarita local Council.

best places to elope in Italy


Ravello is the most romantic village on the Amalfi coast. This old Italian village set on the Mediterranean sea is a wonder to the eyes and hearts and will be a perfect setting to celebrate your love: elopement, micro wedding, vow renewal or a proposal.

Ravello legally binding ceremonies are held at the Principessa di Piemonte garden, this magnificent terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, boats one of the most amazing view of Ravello.

The garden are owned by the local town hall and during the ceremonies they are closed to the local tourists so you can have an intimate ceremony.

TUSCANY – San Galgano Abbey

Imagine a place where time seems to have stopped to make room for a romantic world of ancient legends ….. in the heart of Tuscany countryside there is a magical, enchanted place, suspended between myth and legend, one of the most mystical and architecturally spectacular places . We are talking about the San Galgano Abbey, that is less than 40 km from Siena.

Today it is possible to have a civil ceremony inside the Abbey  since it is no longer a sacred place, as it is a deconsecrated church. The peculiarity of the structure is the total absence of the roof and flooring. Imagine the amazement in the eyes and the emotion of being able to celebrate the wedding under the sky. Around you, the evocative charm given off by the centuries-old history of the abbey, which dates back to 1200.


best places to elope in Italy