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Elope in Italy: costs and packages

elope to Italy how much does it cost

Elope in Italy: costs and packages

So, you’re dreaming on eloping in Italy – how exciting! Let’s start thinking through the costs of planning your intimate wedding. What is the first question you ask yourself when you think about elope in Italy? It is undoubtedly what are the costs and therefore the packages involved.
Thanks to our experience based on 15 years of activity in the wedding industry we are able in this article to answer this question at best.

Let’s break down each of these costs. Below we will include a reasonable range of costs you might encounter while planning your small wedding or elopement. Making the day special doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s all about making choices about what is important to you and your partner. Sometimes that means spending more on what’s important to you, and less on the things you don’t care about.

If you are planning to have a legally binding ceremony, the first thing to consider is the ceremony venue. In Italy each region offers nice options in terms of locations. Whatever is your choice for your elopement in Italy you can have your civil ceremony outdoor on Lake Como, on the Amalfi Coast, on the Italian Riviera, among the vineyards in Tuscany on or in one of the most popular art cities. Most of the times local town halls offer amazing venues at different prices. The cost range of ceremony venues is from 500 euro to 2000 euro. This usually includes the venue hiring fee and the ceremony officiant.

If you wish to have a symbolic ceremony instead, there is always a cost to consider to have the location permits in a public area or in a luxury hotel. Costs start from 300 euro up to 3000 euro, the highest price is for luxury venues as Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como. 

Most people feel the need for a photographer, and some want video as well. If you don’t feel the need for a videographer, that will likely cut your media costs in half. The average cost for a elopement photographer in Italy starts from 800 euro. This fee is usually for a 3 hour service.

The average florist charges anywhere from 70 to 250 euro for a bride’s bouquet, with the average price being 130 euro. If you’d like to have a floral archway add on another 700 euro or more.

Music can run between 300-1500 euro. This costs depends on the number of musicians involved.
If you wish to have an harpist playing, the average cost is 400 euro. If you prefer to have a string trio the cost is from 1000 euro.

Typical cost of elopement hair and makeup will be in the 300 – 700 euro range. This is for have hair and make-up done at your hotel room in the morning of the elopement or ceremony day.


If you have ever planned a trip to a foreign destination then you know how difficult it is to put together all of the pieces when you are unfamiliar with the area. The same goes for destination micro weddings or elopement. Hiring an elopement planner allows you to sit back and relax while we sort out the small yet important details. We offer tailor made services or packages following your needs and expectations and type of ceremony. Our elopement planner fee varies according to the type of package and destination in Italy. Feel free to contact us to receive more details.


If you prefer a package for your micro wedding in Italy instead of a tailor made service we offer amazing packages all across the Italian country.
Elopement packages are a variety of elopement services or products all bundled together under the one package. Which makes having an elopement a really easy and convenient process. Elopement packages normally include a ceremony hiring fee, celebrant, photographer and flowers. But any number of other services and products can be added to the package including a
hair & makeup, music and a videographer, special transportation and a romantic elopement dinner.
An elopement package does all the hard work for you. You don’t need to go out and find the vendors for your elopement. You just need to show up and have an awesome time at your elopement.

Choosing an elopement package in Italy can be a very convenient way of planning and organising your elopement on Lake Como, in Tuscany, on the Amalfi Coast or in Tuscany. An elopement package will generally include a lot of things. So if planning an elopement seems like too much hard work, or you simply just want to make it easy for yourself, then an Italian elopement package just might be the perfect option for you.


elope to Italy costs and packages