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5 Reasons why you should Elope in Italy

Civil Ceremony in Italy

5 reasons to Elope in Italy 

Are you dreaming on an elopement in Italy ? Here you can find 5 reasons to elope in Italy: the beauty of the most unique Mediterranean country, easy paperwork, excellent food and wine and stunning ceremonies venues. What are you waiting for for?

A small and romantic ceremony in Italy is the new trend especially nowadays after the COVID pandemic time. Many couples coming from all over the world are choosing an elopement in Italy. They are the USA, Canada and Australia. These couples know exactly what they want, they have chosen Italy for a reason, they are going to stand up together, exchange their vows to each other, in a stunning venue, overlooking Lake Como, the Tuscan vineyards or the blue sea on the Amalfi Coast.

Most of the times, couples decide to elope to Italy, not for financial reasons, but because they have decided to make their special day all about them. It’s just something so personal, so intimate, so private and sometimes a secret for their family and friends.

1. Italy is indeed one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Italy, with its passionate people, breathtaking landscapes, trendy fashion and art treasures, is a charming European hub that never fails to amaze travelers. Either for a legally-binding, religious or symbolic ceremony, Italy is the place-to-be. Its amazing blue sea, the song of its cicadas and the beauty of the architecture… This place is perfect to celebrate an elopement or an intimate wedding.

2. Easy Paperwork!

A civil wedding in Italy is pretty easy to have. We can guide you at best through all the paperwork process. , giving to you advise for the documents you need to be issued in your country and we act on your behalf for what is need to be done her in Italy. We’ve been dealing with local authorities and embassies since 2006 and we are able to move easily through the bureaucracy!

3. Food and wine in Italy are the best in the world!

Enjoy the Italian food! A big part of the whole Italian experience is without a doubt the food. The different regions of Italy all have their own specialties but no matter where you are, you will find wonderful cuisine. If you fancy about a romantic dinner in a stunning place to end your special elopement day, think also about having a true culinary experience and taste a delicious wine.

elope in Italy driving a vespa

4. Have your Elopement and Your honeymoon together!

Italy offer so many different destinations in terms of backdrop and landscapes that you can decide to have your honeymoon in Italy visiting all the beauties of this amazing country. Beyond that you can decide to complete your travel experience reaching other European countries such as France or Greece.

5. A wide range of ceremony venues.

Italy is not that big but has many regions so different from each other. Each area offer different settings and venues for your romantic elopement in Italy. Each with its own style and charm, offering very different sceneries to suit all tastes: from enchanting countryside to beautiful beaches or jaw dropping mountains, quirky villages to picturesque market towns or big cities, sunflowers fields, vineyards, a multitude of diverse landscapes and backdrops for a picture perfect wedding. If you need some insights to help you find your ideal location in Italy, we are here to advise you at best.

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