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Elope in Italy: 5 things you need to know

Elope in Italy

If  you’re seriously considering a romantic Wedding in Italy here’s some key advice:

Thanks to our ten-year experience here is  everything a bride-to-be could possibly need to know when considering Italy as a destination for a dreamy, romantic wedding

1. Location, Location and Location

The first reason you decided to have your ceremony in Italy is the location and the romantic and stunning backdrop.
Italy offers a variety of settings that can make your elopement so romantic.
Usually to have a legally binding ceremony in Italy you need to have this celebrated in a town-hall.
In Italy there a some stunning town hall locations where you can have your civil ceremony, however there are also private properties that have special agreements with their local town hall where you can have your ceremony. Think of Villa del Balbianello, this amazing place is not a government property but can host civil ceremonies.

2. Legal requirements

In Italy you can have you legally binding ceremony performed that is also valid in your own country.
The legal process varies according your citizenship. There are some cases where you have to be in Italy 4/5 working days prior your ceremony to complete your paperwork at your country consulate in Rome or Milan. You can check this with us before making any plan or decision.

3. Hire a Planner

Hiring an experienced wedding planner is crucial as you can have everything organized without problems and you can enjoy all the elopement experience at best. It is important to choose a well experienced professional so that you can be guided properly throughout the paperwork process and assisted during the day of the ceremony.

Wedding officiant in Italy

4. How much time in advance you have to book your ceremony in Italy?

Following our 15 year experience in arranging elopements, you have to start planning your ceremony and working on your paperwork no less than three months prior the date of the ceremony. So you have enough time to complete all the paperwork procedure in your country and let the last month time to your planner to finalize things with local authorities in Italy.

5. The best time of the year to elope in Italy.

If you wish to have an outdoor ceremony, our suggestion is to book your elopement in Italy from April to October. Otherwise if you are happy in having celebrated your ceremony in a beautiful Stately home or ancient palazzo, you can have your legal ceremony in Italy all year round.

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Elope in Italy
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