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How to Plan an Elopement in Italy


The most intimate of all weddings has to be an elopement. The ditching of traditions and forgoing the restraints of guest lists, leave couples to be free to say their vows in front of only witnesses and have a day that is truly theirs.

How do you elope to Italy?

If you are considering packing your bags and heading to Italy to elope, then you will need some ideas on how to do it successfully. Here at Leoeventi , we have been helping couples with wedding planning for 15 years. With lots of experience in elopement, we are here to show you what you need to consider so that you arrange a day that is both authentic and true to who you are and what you want.

Lake Como Intimate Wedding

Find Out What Italy Has to Offer

The first part of any elopement plan is to find the location that suits what you are trying to achieve. Italy offers many intimate venues with different setting and backdrop: aromatic ceremony by the lake or by the sea, an exclusive wedding in a medieval castle or among the vineyards. Whether you want something traditional, romantic or glamorous, then Italy is sure to have it in abundance.
Lake Como, Tuscany, Piedmont, Venice, Rome, Amalfi Coast are just a few of the best areas in Italy that can host your romantic intimate ceremony.

Check Out Perfect Elopement Venues

There are many venues that cater for elopement styled weddings and legally binding ceremonies.
Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como, Palazzo Cavalli in Venice, an intimate garden in Ravello are just a few examples of locations that can be the perfect backdrop of your ceremony. We can guide you to choose the best option following your expectations and your budget.

Have Your Budget in Mind

Many couples see eloping as a way to save money, we are very experienced at making the most of your budget as long as you are flexible on the different options Leoeventi can offer.
One of the first things we do since the initial communications, is giving to the couple an idea of all the costs involved to elope to Italy. Yo can choose between a la carte service if you wish to have a bespoke intimate wedding and a package

Make Sure You Adhere to the Legal Requirements

As with any ceremony, there is a range of legal requirements that you need to adhere to, and it is wise to seek advice from the relevant officials before setting off. For example, if you are traveling to Italy for your elopement, then you will need to arrange the right visas to get married. All couples will also need to give notice at the registry office in the area they live.
Legal procedures differ from country to country. Monica and Angela will guide you through the paperwork process giving you advice on what have to be done in your country and in Italy to make the planning as smooth and easy as possible.

If you want some help to arrange the perfect elopement then get in touch with us. We are specialists in creative in intimate wedding planning for couples who are looking to travel to Italy for their big day and will help you to arrange every aspect of your elopement.