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Tips and tricks for a stress-free bridal makeup!


Today we talk about Bridal Makeup, another key element of the wedding day. On such an important day, the Bride’s make-up must look beautiful and glowy, it must photograph well and it must last all day: quite a task! Luckily nowadays the tools to make sure all this is possible are available and must be part of the make-up routine of this very special day.

Best Makeup Artist in Italy

If you have decided to use a professional make-up artist we highly recommend that you arrange a trial run with him/her a few weeks before the wedding, so that you can go through the products and see what looks best and if necessary you are still in time to change things in case you are not happy. Ideally the make-up artist should also be able to see at least a photo of your wedding dress and also be aware of what hairstyle you will have so that the whole look is well balanced with the bridal make-up. Some of the most qualified professional make-up artists can also assist you with the hairstyle for the wedding day.

The trend in bridal make-up here in Italy has been quite constant throughout the years, i.e. natural, barely there, fresh looking and most of the times the final result is the so-called “no make-up” make up: you are of course wearing make-up but it almost looks like you aren’t wearing any. Our advice is to always do what feels natural to you, and never change dramatically your usual make-up style: if you are used to wear minimal makeup in your day to day life,wearing heavy make-up on your wedding day will feel unnatural to you; if you are instead used to wear full-on dramatic make-up then you can go as wild as you wish, as long as you are happy and feel comfortable with the final result.

As any professional bridal make-up artist will confirm, the essential products that will make sure you look your absolute best all day long are: a face primer and an eye primer, a long lasting foundation, a waterproof mascara and a lip tint. Let’s see what these products do exactly.The face primer is to be applied after your normal moisturizer: this will make sure you have an even base to layer the other products on; it will also make sure your make-up lasts all day. The eye-primer does the same job in that it acts as a base and keeps the eye-shadow in place.

Next comes the foundation, the most important product to even out your skin tone and hide imperfections and blemishes. The foundation must be a long wearing formula and it will be matt or sheer depending on your type of skin and what kind of coverage you need. Always start with a thin layer and then build up in the areas where your skin needs more coverage.

Important: on the wedding day make sure you avoid using products with spf (moisturizer, foundation, etc.) because they do not photograph well due to the presence of zinc oxide: in case of flash photos it will make your face look white and ghostly, not really the kind of effect you want to see on your wedding album!

Another key product for the bridal makeup  is a waterproof mascara, to make sure you can get emotional and still look picture-perfect!

Finally choose a lip tint or lip stain because it will last longer than a normal lipstick and you won’t need to touch up regularly throughout your big day;  a lip stain will, as the name says, “stain” your lips and will last longer, possibly surviving the meal and drinks, but probably not the kisses… you can always test it and let us know though! 😉

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