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Five Reasons to hire a Wedding Planner for your Wedding Abroad in Italy

Wedding Planner for Wedding in Italy

One of the first topics couple  have to tackle is whether  to hire a wedding planner or not for their wedding abroad in Italy. We have conducted a survey among our previous couples and we have put together the five top reasons that pushed our couples to hire a wedding planner for their destination wedding in our beautiful country.

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1. Legalities:

Anne and Drew from UK:

Understanding the legal system is a challenge, knowing what paperwork for your civil ceremony in Italy is required and when by to ensure our wedding was official was important to us. Our Wedding coordinator liaised with the Townhall officials and made all the appointments for us. She also was our translator on the day, which was a nice personal touch. All of this was essential to ensure our wedding was official. We’ve had two friends get married abroad and only after did they realise it wasn’t legal!

2. Language:

Sarah and James from Ireland:

If you don’t speak Italian, things will move at a very slow pace. Even if some vendors say they can speak and write good English this is not always the case. Having a local wedding consultant who spoke Italian and perfect English meant there was no room for anything to be lost in translation. All our requests were followed through perfectly. 

3. Local Knowledge:

Gerry and Rohan from Australia:

Our wedding planner has excellent local knowledge of the best caterers, photographers, musicians – she’s been working with them for years and I think if you try to arrange this independently you won’t get the same attention to detail or service. The wedding fee pays for itself – these relationships meant the best vendors at the best price / quality ratio for our wedding. Our ten years experienced wedding planner proposed to us reliable and tested vendors. The result was a great team who worked for our special day, avoiding bad surprises on the wedding day.

4. Reassurance:

Julie and Henry from UK:

This is so important. Knowing that your wedding is being organised by an experienced wedding planner and everything is taken care of is a massive comfort. It eliminates all the stress and having to deal with the time zones, calls and emails. It also means when you arrive in Italy there are no last minute tasks or stresses. We recall having lunch on our wedding day before our ceremony and saying to Henry ‘’ surely, we should be doing something..?’’ It was a wonderful feeling!

5. Food and Wine:

Nicole and Thomas from United States:

Even if Italy is known for its excellent food and wines, you can’t have this so easily especially for a special event as a wedding. Our wedding planners, great experts about food and wine, guided us to the right choice for the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner and for the caterer company for the day of the event. Their assistance during the menu tasting was crucial to make the best of the special delights and wine we tried and also we appreciated the high level of quality of service and attention to details of the caterer company during the whole day.

Wedding Planner for Wedding in Italy