Church Wedding Decorations Ideas for your Wedding in Italy

Church Wedding Decorations Ideas for your Wedding in Italy

church wedding decorations

It is not always easy to find helpful ideas for your church wedding decorations. Throughout the years we have arranged lots of church weddings in Italy both for Italian and foreign couples. Today we would like to offer some ideas and inspiration for the flower decorations in the church.
As White is always one of the best options in terms of colours for the church and it is the ideal choice especially when churches are not so bright or have stone walls, we have selected some pictures from our real weddings with lovely white flower arrangements to get you inspired!

As you can see from the pictures it is always important to have flowers close to the altar, to the bride and the groom and also on the pews. This gives a beautiful and romantic overall look to the church.
The style of the flower arrangements in the church can of course vary according to your personal taste, your wedding theme and, needless to say, according to the style of the church itself.

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