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Wedding in Italy: getting ready tips for the bride!

Small Wedding in Italy

For a Bride getting ready on the morning of her wedding together with her bridesmaids is a big part of the wedding day and it is a very exciting moment that is always full of anticipation and fun. Based on our experience it is indeed a great way to start the wedding day in one of the beautiful Italian venues , don’t leave it out!

Bride Getting Ready Outfit

Here is our getting ready tips for the bride:

Some brides prefer to get ready at the venue, others prefer to get ready at a hotel nearby. In any case the most important tip is to find a room with lots of natural light and with large windows and lots of space. Also a large mirror is very useful! The natural light is also essential during the make-up session and for the photos as it is the most flattering light.

Small Wedding in Italy

While you and your bridesmaids are getting ready why not have some fun upbeat music playing in the background? You could prepare a music playlist before-hand to use on the morning of the wedding, some music will surely help everyone to relax. Also a glass of Italian Prosecco can be a good idea to relax.

When possible do arrange for the person who does hair and makeup to come to your hotel room or to the venue (in case you are getting ready there), this is a great way to make sure you have plenty of time to do everything and without stress! Always plan to give yourselves and the girls plenty of time to get ready: doing things in a rush can only create stress and confusion. The Bride is the one that usually goes last so if things are running behind schedule she might be the one who has to prepare in a hurry (never a good thing!) so always plan for extra time in your schedule in case of last minute things that might delay the schedule of the day.

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Small Wedding in Italy

One word for the Groom too, after all he is getting ready too for his wedding 😉

If you can have two photographers that would be ideal so that while one photographer is dedicated to capturing the getting ready of the Bride the other photographer can focus on the Groom and his groomsmen while they are getting ready for the big day.

So hang your beautiful wedding dress, relax, enjoy yourselves and let’s start the party!

Small Wedding in Italy