Wedding Lake Como: Unforgettable and Romantic Venues

Wedding Lake Como: Unforgettable and Romantic Venues

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A Wedding on Lake Como means: Elegant villas, flowering gardens and parks as well as busy cafés are all part of the backdrop of this scenic romantic wedding destination. The heart of town is explored on foot. Dating from the middle ages, it is a delight to discover. Here some of the finest silks in the world are made.


Lake Como is truly one of the most romantic and beautiful destinations in the world. A combination of the snow capped Alps, blue waters and rich greenery make Lake Como one of the most magical and tranquil places. On the Como side there is no outflow. The west of Menaggio is where the lake splits in two. On the opposite side from Menaggio, sits Bellagio, often referred to as the ‘jewel of the lake’ and also as one of the most romantic of all the towns of Italy. They say that to come to lake Como and not to visit Bellagio would be a sin!
The most popular sites are the delightful towns of Cernobbio, Bellagio, Menaggio, Lenno, Tremezzo and Varenna are situated at the intersection of the three branches of the lake.


It is easy to hop from one place to the other as a triangular boat service operates between them. They are characterised by a buzzing cosmopolitan atmosphere with quaint, cobbled alleyways and café-filled piazzas.

Lake Como in Italy offers inexhaustible opportunities for tourists, because it is the ideal place where you can bring your family thanks to its tranquillity and if you want to be in contact with nature, but it is also perfect for young people who would like to try new sports, as surfing, waterskiing, sailing, trekking, kitesurfing, mountainbike riding or horseback riding. Well known for the splendid villas and their admirable gardens, Lake Como continues to attract celebrity guests, who have chosen this region to enjoy the “Italian Dolce Vita”. Villa del Balbianello, Villa d’Este, Villa Carlotta are only a few of the majestic residences located along its shoreline.

Getting married on Lake Como is a truly magical experience. The lake offers unique settings, with its splendid villas and their admirable gardens, elegant marquees with breathtaking lake views; the setting of your wedding is furthermore enriched by the taste and experience of our wedding and florist designers. The list of options for your wedding on Lake Como is endless: customized receptions, beautiful wedding cakes, live musicians, limousine transportation, boat rides and professional wedding photographer combine to create the ultimate lake front destination wedding experience.


The Leoeventi wedding planner team has several years experience in organizing weddings on Lake Como and can provide the best support on site with an excellent coordination work and vendors selection.