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Wedding In Puglia: discovering a new area

Visiting new areas and finding new exciting venues to recommend to our couples is part of what we do and it is one of the aspects of our job as wedding planners that we love the most. Each time we are amazed by the beauty that our country can offer. Let us tell you about our latest trip down to Puglia! 

After a brief flight we touched down in the airport of Bari, where we rented a car which is always the best way to travel around and discover a new area. With the car we drove towards south and our first stop was in Monopoli, where we visited a small boutique hotel set right in the centre of the old part of the city and on a cliff overlooking the sea: this small jewel is absolutely perfect for smaller, intimate weddings.

After Monopoli we drove towards the area of Savelletri: this was the area that attracted us the most because here you can find most of the venues that based on our experience can really turn a dream wedding into reality.

We stayed overnight in Savelletri and the next day we met a lovely English couple who will tie the knot here in June 2014: Mark and Sophie have entrusted Leoeventi with the planning of their wedding in Puglia and we are very excited! We spent the following day visiting the most beautiful “masserie” in Puglia, we had the pleasure of meeting the owners of these beautiful and antique venues and we also tasted the mouth-watering dishes that are typical of the Puglia cuisine (yes, we do love this part of our job too!).

During our stay in Puglia we also met again our collaborator Tonia, her precious help is always very important to arrange beautiful weddings in a region that is still quite unspoilt and not so well-known for weddings in Italy (yet!).

Here you can find a selection of pictures we took during our trip

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to have more details on this gorgeous land that is rich of the flavours of olive oil and wild herbs: we guarantee that Puglia will catch your heart!

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Wedding in Puglia
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