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A tasty gluten free wedding menu in Italy? Yes, please!

Gluten Free Wedding Menu

What happens when you are gluten intolerant or celiac and still want to enjoy great food at your wedding reception in Italy? Well, it can be done!! In fact  it has been done and with excellent feedback too so we do speak from direct experience, a tasty gluten free wedding menu is possible.

Recently the gluten free “diet” has been in the news because celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Miley Cyrus amongst others have decided to go gluten-free without actually needing it but just because they claim it is a great way to slim down. This can actually be quite the opposite if you eat lots of gluten free  products that are usually high in calories and fat.

In the past we have had a few cases of guests at weddings with gluten intolerance so we informed the caterer company well in advance and the Chef prepared a special different menu just for those guests. Things got more challenging last year when a lovely couple from the UK contacted us for their wedding in Italy and during the initial stages of the planning they told us that the Groom had celiac disease: we thought no problem we will have a special menu prepared for him but that wasn’t going to be enough. The Groom was very specific and said that because it was his wedding he wanted everyone to eat the same menu: well, that was certainly a challenge! Being recently diagnosed gluten intolerant myself I now fully understand his point of view, he wasn’t trying to be difficult, he just didn’t want to feel left out… and now I know exactly what he meant!

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So together with a top quality caterer company from Milan we developed a special gluten free menu for the whole wedding reception by the lake, from the tasty cocktail reception appetizers to the delights of the sitting dinner and the desserts buffetall gluten-free; no-one among the guests realized that they were eating gluten-free, so it was a great success, the wedding was just beautiful and the Bride and Groom were so happy about the menu that they wanted to take the Chef back home to the UK with them!

So if you have this kind of intolerance, we advise to do your research, hire an experienced wedding planner  who knows the problem well and a high quality caterer who has knowledge and direct experience of this issue (celiac disease and the risks of cross-contamination) so that you can enjoy your wedding and have a stress-free fabulous day also from the point of view of what to eat!