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Top five destinations for your wedding in Italy

Best Place for Destination Wedding in Italy

Italy is one of the most popular destinations for an unforgettable wedding. Getting married in Italy is undoubtedly a unique experience as Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world where couples can decide to tie the knot. Thanks to our ten years’ experience we can provide a list of the five best destination areas in Italy in terms of landscape, food and atmosphere.

Best Place for Destination Wedding in Italy

Tuscany is the most “Italian” choice to get married in Italy if you want to have the best in terms of food and wine. Tuscany is the most important area in Italy for wines: its typical vineyard landscape is well engraved in everyone’s mind. The Tuscan landscape is a flow of vineyards and sweet rolling hills. There are several picturesque hamlets or farmhouses that can offer the most charming setting for your wedding.

Couples who have in mind a less “rustic” event can also find they are looking for in the many elegant venues with the typical Tuscan “country-chic” vibe.

Tuscany is also famous worldwide for its amazing cities of art. Near Florence, for example, you can find some beautiful villas and castles that combine the true Tuscan style with the proximity of a stunning city of art, so you get the best of both worlds.

Best Place for Destination Wedding in Italy

As the saying goes, elegance is not attitude and Lake Como is indeed the perfect place for an elegant destination wedding in Italy.
The lake is indeed the most stylish spot for an exclusive and elegant wedding in Italy. Many celebrities choose this enchanted place to get married. The small villages, the color of the water, the view and the surrounding landscape truly are not to be missed. The lake offers a very romantic atmosphere thanks to the beautiful gardens by the water that are the perfect setting for a wedding.

Villa del Balbianello is just one of the stunning stately homes that you can find along the lake shores. The view of the lake from the Villa is indeed the most breathtaking panorama of the lake: if you are having a lake wedding, reaching the wedding venue via the water is undoubtedly a must, as it is a great experience that is always enjoyed by the couple and their guests.

Best Place for Destination Wedding in Italy

If you dream of deep cliffs plunging into the sea, then the Amalfi Coast is the perfect choice. Most wedding venues are literally overlooking the sea therefore the Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly the best spot if you want to enjoy a spectacular view of the sea. Positano, Amalfi, Ravello are just a few among the picturesque villages of the coast and each of them has its own character and background. If you are looking for an intimate and more elegant event, Ravello is the best option as it is known as the “posh” area on the coast. Positano on the opposite is a more lively and bustling city.

Best Place for Destination Wedding in Italy

A city of divine architecture and legendary history, Venice is a celebration of the romantic spirit, combining old-world charm with the fascinating atmosphere of the most magical city in the world. Venice has plenty of well-known monuments and galleries to explore but one of the greatest pleasures is to stroll through the tiny streets and canals with charming stone bridges, pretty little squares and local bars and cafes to discover.

With its 150 canals, 400 bridges and magnificent 16th- and 17th-century palaces and piazzas, Venice is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world and it can be the perfect setting for a wedding, especially if you wish to avoid the hot months in summer.

Beautiful palaces facing the Canal Grande are the main setting for an unforgettable and unique event.

Best Place for Destination Wedding in Italy

If you are looking for a truly unspoiled area of Italy for your wedding, then Puglia is just the place to be. The heel of the Italian boot, Puglia offers five hundred miles of Adriatic and Ionian coastline front landscapes—plains in the south, mountains in the north—with a stark, primal beauty.

Whitewashed towns, new stylish hotels and luxury masserie, ancient fortified farmhouses, are just some of the beautiful assets that can be admired in this amazing Italian region. Puglia is also home to Italy’s most uncorrupted and least known cuisine: it’s a cuisine of the sun that draws energy from one of the most punishing summer climates on the continent.

Coming to Puglia means having the opportunity to discover a place still unspoiled by tourists and rich in long sandy beaches, rugged landscapes, vineyards, old olive groves, castles and the local trulli (the unique coned houses that are only to be found here). In Puglia you will also find a slower pace of life: here people love to stop and chat and share their hospitality. Puglia for many reasons is definitively a place you can fall in love with.

Best Place for Destination Wedding in Italy