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Wedding in Tuscany: discovering new charming venues

Wedding Venues in Tuscany Italy

A Wedding in Tuscany is always an extraordinary experience. We can underline this especially after our recent Tuscan trip. We have been arranging weddings in Italy for eight years now and yet it is always crucial for us to invest time and energies in looking for new and exciting wedding venues to offer to our couples. We spent almost the whole of last week in beautiful Tuscany to visit a shortlist of new venues. Tuscany indeed offers extremely beautiful sites but it is important from our side to check personally if they meet the requirements for a stylish wedding event in contact with nature, art and history and a high quality food and wine experience.

This trip around Tuscany enriched us a lot, we visited elegant venues with such a particular rustic charm and character and we met the owners on site, whose love for Tuscany helped us to reach a deeper knowledge and love for the amazing Tuscan region.

Best Place for Destination Wedding in Italy

We drove several kilometers around the Tuscan hills but at the end of each day we were lucky to taste the Tuscany culinary delights and the excellent wine from Chianti. We started our trip in Florence where we visited a beautiful Villa that belongs to an old noble family from Florence and that boasts an extraordinary view of this city so rich in breath-taking art; we then drove to the southern part of Tuscany between Siena and the Tuscan Maremma where scattered among the unspoilt hills we found a couple of rare “jewels”. We then ended our trip in the actual land of Chianti Classico, where a couple of local farmers will allow us to arrange original wedding ceremonies among the vineyards: a true Tuscan setting!

We can surely go on and write great things about Tuscany for many pages but the photos in this article are really the best testimony of the magnificent beauty of this region.

Needless to say, we cannot wait to recommend the best of Tuscany to the future couples who will decide to choose us to arrange their wedding and as always our passion and love for this job will guarantee our best advice and support to arrange an unforgettable wedding experience in Tuscany.

Wedding Venues in Tuscany Italy
Wedding Venues in Tuscany Italy
Wedding Venues in Tuscany Italy
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