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Table Plan Ideas: the amazing work of our calligrapher!

Ideas for Wedding Table Plans

It’s always hard to find elegant and original table plan ideas for your wedding avoiding homemade solutions, as sometimes the results are not so great.

When we plan a wedding our goal is not only dealing with the mere organizing aspect but also use our creativity to develop an original design. One important item that requires a lot of inspiration in most of our weddings in Italy is the table plan. One of our most successful ideas for a beautiful table plan is using the art of a professional calligrapher. We have been working for eight years with Carla, a lady with extraordinary skills in hand writing: together we develop creative table plan ideas and we design gorgeous and unique seating-plans.

Ideas for Wedding Table Plans

What makes calligraphy so special is that each piece is an original because it is done by hand: if you wish to give to your stationery a personal and unique touch, then calligraphy is the perfect choice for your wedding.  As you can see from our table plan ideas in this article you don’t necessarily have to give to your wedding stationery a very traditional or classical look just because you have decided to use a calligrapher: nowadays it is also possible to give a very modern and original look to your wedding stationery.

Beyond the calligrapher skill, Carla is very good with the cardboard art: her magical hands can create very original items using bits of papers, ribbons, brushes and painting. Whatever your vision of your big day is and based on the colour theme you have picked for your wedding, a professional calligrapher will be able to coordinate colours and give a very special touch to your table-plan.

In this article you will find some pictures of table plans designed for our amazing weddings in Italy!

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Ideas for Wedding Table Plans
Ideas for Wedding Table Plans
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