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Italians and food: that’s amore!

Italian Wedding Menu

We do love our food, so that is an absolute fact, and we take our food and wine very seriously.

At Italian Weddings, the Menu is always one of the most crucial parts of the wedding day. At our weddings, it is an absolute must that food is always prepared and cooked on site with the freshest ingredients; this is a key aspect that all high quality caterer companies guarantee.

Italian wedding menus have certainly changed throughout the years. It used to be a very long affair, many courses and long hours at the table. The latest trend nowadays is to keep things more dynamic and to reduce the duration of the sitting dinner there is usually a richer welcome reception with scrumptious food corners and different food themes: one of the most popular food corners for both Italian couples and couples coming from abroad is the “TraditionalCorner” that offers delectable local salami, cured meats and a mouth-watering cheese selection presented often together with a Parmesan wheel cut in half: this is always a winner! Another very popular and requested Food Corner is the one with bites of fish and vegetables that are fried on site by the Chef and served in picturesque straw paper cones to the guests.

Italian Wedding Food

Moving onto the actual sitting dinner, the specialties not to be missed are of course pasta and risotto, always freshly home-made and a typical element of any Italian Wedding Menu. One of the most popular pasta choices are the “Caramelle Piacentine”, which are traditional home made sweet shaped pasta from Piacenza with a fresh cheese filling, that can be served for example with a shellfish sauce and cherry tomatoes.

The two first courses (one pasta and one rice) are usually followed by one main course (either fish or meat). After main course you can taste a refreshing sorbetto, similar to ice-cream but with some alcoholic drink like Prosecco or vodka added to it and it is used as a palate cleanser to remove all flavours and prepare the guests for the next course. After the sorbet comes the delicious desserts and fruit buffet served with coffee: some typical Italian desserts worth mentioning are of course the mouth-watering tiramisu and the panna cotta mousse.

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Italian Wedding Menu

Finally the big star of the day: the Wedding Cake. Italian wedding cakes are usually a one layered cake made with white or chocolate sponge cake filled with Chantilly cream or chocolate cream and covered with icing or whipped cream. It is of course always possible to have a multi-tiered wedding cake and we have surely seen some spectacular tired cakes in our weddings!

A final advice in putting together the different elements of your Italian Wedding Menu is to always select products that are typical of the Italian region where you are getting married. It is also very important to base the menu around the month or season of the wedding date, this will guarantee that you will have at your wedding the freshest and most delicious Italian culinary delights, that you and your guests will remember fondly and talk about for years to come!