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Chocolate and Wild Berries for your Italian Wedding Cake

In our line of work we get to see and taste (I know, though job but someone’s got to do it right?) lots of different wedding cakes: the more popular combination in our Italian wedding cakes is definitively chocolate and cream with wild berries or chocolate and cream with strawberries. Both combinations are equally mouth-watering and it is often hard to choose between the two versions. This is the type of Italian wedding cake that most of our couples and their guests choose with great satisfaction and results, i.e. the cake is totally gone by the end of the evening and that is a sure sign that it was a hit!

Chocolate is delicious but it can also be quite “heavy” if used alone for a wedding cake in the summer but the presence of wild berries or strawberries makes the taste of the cake more delicate and ideal for a summer wedding: you get the best of both worlds, the rich decadent taste of chocolate and the delicate freshness of fruit and wild berries.

The amazing tiered and non-tiered Italian wedding cakes you see in this article are all taken from our real weddings: they are all made with the highest quality ingredients and they all tasted delicious as they looked, a true feast for the eyes and the taste buds!

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Gluten Free Wedding Cake
Gluten Free Wedding Cake
Gluten Free Wedding Cake
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