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Enjoy our almonds and sugar confetti at the end of the day!

Italian Confetti Candy

If you have decided to tie the knot in Italy, you may as well go all the way and get married the Italian way. This means that you can incorporate seamlessly into your Italian wedding day the most popular Italian traditions and this is always a nice touch for couples from abroad. One of the most popular tradition for your wedding in Italy is to have the sugar covered almonds called “confetti” in Italian, they are delicious and come in a very wide range of flavors.

Yes if you come to Italy, confetti means delicious sweet and not small streamers of paper to be thrown at the end of the ceremony 🙂

According to the Italian tradition confetti have to be “packaged” as a favor for guests and they have to be eaten absolutely after the newlyweds are married, therefore after the actual ceremony. However lately young couples prefer to follow the tradition offering confetti after the sitting dinner on a nice and elegant buffet table. So guests can taste different types of sweets, not only with the classic almond but also with nuts, chocolate, strawberries, pistache and other delights. The look of these typical white Italian candies is always the same as on the outside they  are all sugar coated but as soon as you taste them you  enjoy a delicious flavor. In this article and through our images, taken as always from our real weddings galleries, we focus infact on the display aspect of the confetti table, also called White Table. As you can see most of the times the arrangement of the table follows the theme color of the wedding using candles, flowers and fabrics. The White Table is always very appreciated by all the guests especially because in our events the candies are made specifically by dedicated pastry chefs for your wedding in Italy.

Italian Wedding Table
Italian Wedding Table
Italian Wedding Table