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Wedding in Italy: ideas for your Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet

Bride Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet

The bridal bouquet always plays a very important role. That’s why after the other successful article on our blog we decided to talk more about bouquets, we are never tired of them!
This time the main role is played by the Calla Lily. Even though it comes in different colors the Calla Lily that immediately springs to mind is the beautiful White Calla Lily.

Each time one of our brides chooses this flower for her bouquet we always see it as a symbol of true elegance. A Calla Lily bridal bouquet represents indeed a typical romantic elegance that is very hard to resist.The flower is very attractive and beautiful. It is also a sign of purity, that is why it is used in bridal bouquets with different designs. The elegance of the flower is the reason for its popularity. The cup shape of the flower is symbolic of the feminine aspect and rebirth.

If you wish to have White Calla Lilies just for your bouquet you can have it all year round; if however they are part of the main theme of your wedding in Italy we recommend the Calla Lillies ideally in Spring or in September.
Throughout the years we have collected stunning pictures from our Real Weddings in Italy that showcase the elegant beauty of this flower in amazing bridal bouquets.
As you can see our Flower Design Team always creates unique masterpieces for your special day, and each bouquet tells a different story according to the wedding dress, the make-up and above all the bride herself.
We hope these pictures are a real inspiration for all the brides to be who are dreaming about a bespoke wedding in Italy!

Bride Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet
Bride Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet
Bride Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet
Bride Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet
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