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Top tips to help you have the perfect Wedding in Italy

Top Wedding Destinations in Italy

If  you’re seriously considering a romantic Wedding in Italy here’s some key advice:

Thanks to our ten-year experience here is  everything a bride-to-be could possibly need to know when considering Italy as a destination for a dreamy, romantic wedding

1. Italy is a big place…

The first big decision you need to make is where you wish to get married. Italy, with its romantic landscapes, food and wine traditions and breathtaking venues, offers an amazing variety of settings for an exclusive and unforgettable destination wedding; the romantic lakes, the country-chic atmosphere in Tuscany, the beautiful Piedmont wine county, the picturesque seaside villages of the Italian Riviera, the elegant palaces of Venice, magnificent Rome and the breath-taking sea views of the Amalfi Coast.

2. The weather isn’t the same across the whole country…

When you know the date of your wedding consider the region carefully because the weather across the country differs. For example, couples wanting to get married in southern Italy don’t have to discount out of season dates in April and October as it is still quite likely that you’ll get excellent weather. If you want to tie the knot in the north of Italy, like in the romantic Lake Como, we would recommend a date between May and September to make sure you still have a warm temperature to enjoy a lovely outdoor wedding.

3. Understand the legal stuff…

From the legalities point of view, you can either decide to have a civil ceremony in your own country and have a symbolic ceremony in Italy or you can get married in Italy with a civil ceremony. Civil ceremonies are legally binding and will normally be performed in the local Register Office (Anagrafe) or in specially licensed venues.

The civil ceremony lasts approximately 20 minutes and is conducted in Italian, with the presence of an interpreter throughout the ceremony. This doesn’t have to be cold or impersonal at all; brides can add lovely music, readings or poems and romantic flower arrangements. All these elements add atmosphere and a personal touch to the ceremony.

Top Wedding Destinations in Italy

4. Embrace the local culture…

Make the most of the local culture and the food and wine traditions of the area you chose. Forget about Champagne and instead enjoy a toast with a high quality Italian Prosecco. You can also introduce lovely Italian touches to your wedding favours, like locally produced olive oil or wine, sugar covered almonds (called “confetti” in Italian) or the famous Limoncello liqueur.

5. Don’t forget your guests…

When planning a destination wedding, you need to envision the wedding from the point of view of your guests. Usually guests will look upon your wedding as a convenient excuse for a holiday, so make sure they feel well looked after and that you’re in a place that accommodates tourists. Welcome baskets, a welcome dinner the night before the wedding and a clear itinerary that explains when they’ll be needed are good ideas.

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