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Music for your Wedding in Italy: All That Jazz!

Italian Wedding Music

One of the most important aspects of for your wedding in Italy is the music entertainment. Leoeventi have been arranging weddings for many years now and based on our direct experience we can pinpoint the most popular and successful kind of music entertainment at weddings.

Among these our top choice goes to jazz. At first jazz might seem an unsuitable choice for a wedding as sometimes it might seem too “sophisticated” or too posh even but when there are top quality professional musicians playing then even the very first notes of the saxophone will immediately conquer everyone’s attention.

A simple Jazz Trio with guitar, drums and saxophone or a band with five musicians (including keyboard and singer) can truly transform the atmosphere during the welcome cocktail at a beautiful castle or villa into a very pleasant and relaxing experience.
During the sitting dinner too, an elegant jazz music background is always appreciated by the guests and finally, the sound of the saxophone is a lovely and original idea to accompany the cutting of the wedding cake.

Throughout the years we have selected high quality professional musicians who are really talented and offer a great quality / price ratio. They are so good that invariably they are booked to play at many of our weddings. So don’t be surprised if while you are walking around the park with the photographer you hear the spontaneous burst of an applause: it’s jazz working its magic!

Romantic Italian Songs for Wedding
Romantic Italian Songs for Wedding
Italian Wedding Music
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